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Long story short, I just purchased a house and discovered that I needed to replace the sewer lateral before the city would approval our building permits. Smelley Mel’s originally replaced the sewer lateral about 8-9 years ago for the previous owner, so I was confused on why it needed to be replaced again. It turns out the city had changed their code and a section of the pipe needed to be replaced in order to solve a standing water problem. After receiving many different quotes, I went full circle and went back to Smelley Mel’s for advice. Travis took the time out of his busy schedule to actually sit me down and explain exactly what needed to be done, what the city expected of me, what the process was going to be, how long it was going to take…. Every single question that was floating in my head was answered to my satisfaction. Not only that, Travis gave me a really good quote. Once the estimate was sent to me, communication was a little delayed due to the holiday season, but we eventually got something down on calendar and travis’s team started the repairs. They were super professional, on time, and curious to respecting the property and my neighbors. They were awesome to work with and left the sidewalk looking like brand new. I would highly recommend anyone who has a sewer lateral issue to work with Travis and his team.

Timothy C.
Daly City, CA

They did the work for less than their estimated. Came in to fix my drainage in the shower, less than one hour, is done. They were friendly, efficient, and professional.

Karen l.
San Francisco, CA

Travis and the whole crew at Smelly Mels are the best. They replaced my lateral sewer line. No mess, you could hardly tell that any thing had changed in my front yard.
I will certainly plan on using Smelly Mel’s next time I need a plumber

Ed S.
Pacifica, CA

We had a sewer lateral done for our commercial buidling. I met with Travis and discussed the job and found him to be extremely knowledgable. I was completely satisfied with the work that was done.They were extremely professional, very reasonably priced and very efficient. I also used them for a retail space in San Mateo. I would highly reommend them for any of your pulmbing needs. You will be highly satisfied

Tony Z.
San Mateo, CA

Used them again to unplug a sink which turned into unplugging a main sewer line (seems to be the story of my sewer life). Again, they came prepared with all kinds of gear for chewing up the “stuff” in the line. No mess in my house, no mess at all. Pretty much as white-glove as you can get when dealing with pipes. We’ll call again, but hopefully no time soon.

LeftCoast Y.
San Bruno, CA

I have used Smelly Mel’s in the past and they have always been top notch. Having a need for a plumber I called them again and was not unhappy. The service tech was on Time, efficient, neat and knew. what ghe was doing. He was in and out in a very short time. If I ever need a plumber again I will contact Mel’s and ask for Dave.

Norman W.
San Mateo, CA

GREAT SERVICE! They came out quickly were priced WAY better than I expected. They fixed my leaky toilet in less time then estimated. Also, I had called after hours and have never had a better experience with an after hours receptionist than I did with this gal! Would recommend to all my family members.

Nichole J.
San Francisco, CA

WOO OHO! Smelly Mel’s is the best plumbers and rooter service in town. They arrive quickly, don’t over charge you and are friendly. I will never use another Service again! No job is to big or to small for Smelly Mels. I have used them to drain my sink and for a big underground plumbing project. They did the work quickly and efficiently.

Heidi P.
San Francisco, CA

They repaired my new home’s sewer lateral per the new Pacifica ordinance for new homebuyers. The ordinance sucks, but these plumbers did not. Great experience, very professional, fast, and price slightly beat four other estimates (not by much, but still a savings), including the cost of the permit, materials, and labor. The company’s name is still a little disturbing, but I guess when it comes to unclogging toilets and sewer work, if Mel didn’t smell he wouldn’t be doing his job right.

Robin T.
San Francisco, CA

We had an exterior gas leak and Travis was great to work with. We sourced the leak and replaced / repaired the broken pipe. Travis – and his crew – are responsive, courteous, professional and neat. And their work is fairly priced.

Steve B.
Hillsborough, CA